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The Family Fund Travel Card is a unique and exciting way to book flights, accommodation, car hire and package holidays. You can create your own tailor-made journeys and your own choice of flights and accommodation.

Terms ANd Conditions


Gift Card - A gift card credited with a value and issued by Inspire to Responsible Person, entitling that person to purchase a holiday or travel service

Responsible Person - Means the member of a family authorized by Family Fund to receive a Gift Card

Travel Agency (and Agencies) - An agency that has agreed to fulfill the sale of holidays and travel services on behalf of Inspire taking the Gift Card as part of the purchase proceeds

Family Fund - Family Fund Trust for Families with Severely Disabled Children, the registered charity that distributes grants to families that are engaged with the care and well being of a disabled child

Inspire - Inspire Europe Ltd, the company that runs the scheme on behalf of Family Fund for the distribution and redemption of the Family Fund Gift Card

Grant - An award made by Family Fund for supply of holiday and travel services by Inspire and Travel Agencies

The Gift Card is loaded with a £500 Grant for use in any Travel Agency.

The Grant is only redeemable on the condition the child with a disability, whose name the Grant was applied for in, is travelling on the holiday booked. The Travel Agency making the booking must provide these details on the travel card redemption platform website (

To redeem the £500 less admin £35 ( £465.00 ) please use the redemption platform website.

The redemption platform must be completed in full to obtain the funds loaded on the card.

Once the redemption website is completed the funds requested will be sent to agencies by BACS transfer.

The Gift Card has a validity of 6 months from date of issue and may only be used at the participating Travel Agencies across the United Kingdom.

The holder of the Gift Card can use the amount on the card towards the part cost or whole cost of a holiday that is available via the Travel Agency network.

The terms and conditions of each participating Travel Agency will apply to any booking

Inspire and Family Fund cannot be held responsible for the suitability or otherwise of any holiday offered / booked through an accredited Travel Agency. Any dispute must be settled direct with the Travel Agency making the booking

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you acknowledge and accept that Inspire and Family Fund will not accept liability for any claim, loss or damage arising (whether directly or indirectly) from the holiday booked and from any such claim, loss or damage which may arise.

Each listed Travel Agency has confirmed its willingness to participate. Inspire and Family Fund cannot be held responsible should any venue choose to decline acceptance of a Gift Card for reasons of their own. We reserve the right to use alternative suppliers.

Travel Agencies will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the prices charged for holiday and travel services which involve the redemption of a Gift Card are competitive market prices

All services provided by Travel Agencies shall be performed to high travel agency and tour operator standards as stipulated in the ABTA code of conduct

Each Travel Agency shall not allow its own interests to conflict with the interests of the Grant holding family who wish to make the booking

This Grant is administered on behalf of Family Fund by Inspire

Travel Agencies , by acknowledging the Terms and Conditions herein , will maintain Public and Professional Indemnity Insurances with limit of indemnity of not less than those recommended by ABTA and ATOL from time to time, with a reputable insurance company. Inspire reserves the right to request evidence of such insurance at any time it deems appropriate whilst the Agent is acting on behalf of Inspire.


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