By Jade Hindley


This Western European country is a unique combination of historical and cool. Endless stunning castles and incredible architecture means that any sightseer will be immensely satisfied, and the hip cafes and bars will keep the more casual traveller pleased. After a long day exploring, you'll be pleased to hear that the Belgians do treat food like no other, with waffles and chocolate aplenty. 

Central Railway Station, Antwerp


The climate in Belgium is quite mild and temperatures never really get to the extreme. In winter the average temperature is 6°C and in summer it is roughly 23°C. However, Belgium is known for being quite a rainy country, so make sure you take an umbrella with you at any time of the year! Although the low season can be cold and wet, there are many celebrations and carnivals at the start of Lent which could make it a great time to visit. In summer you can experience some amazing festivals and other outdoor activities as the weather is usually warm and pleasant. 

Low Season: October – April

Shoulder Season: May – June, September

High Season: July-August




1 Night in a Dorm: £25 - £30

1 Night in a Double Room: £60 - £100

1 Night in a Luxury Double Room or B&B - £150+


Budget Meal : £5 - £10

Restaurant Meal: £50 - £100

Luxury Restaurant Meal: £150+


Museums: £5 - £10

Train Ticket: £5 - £10

Pint of Beer: £2 - £4

Cocktails: £8 - £15

Daily Car Hire: £15 - £20


Tipping is not necessary or expected in Belgium, however rounding up your bill will not be refused. For exceptional service a 10% tip would be appreciated. Be careful not to be convinced into tipping taxi drivers unless you want to!

Montagne de Bueren Stairway, Liege


Depending on where you visit in multilingual Belgium, the locals will speak either Dutch, French or German. Check out the map below for our guide.


English - Hi!

Dutch – Hoi!

French – Salut!

German – Hallo!


English - Thank you

Dutch – Bedankt

French – Merci

German – Danke

Grand Place, Brussels

Interesting Facts

1.       The saxophone was invented in 1846 by Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax.

2.       Brussels Sprouts are actually from Brussels, having grown there for over 400 years.

3.       Belgium has the most castles per square kilometre in the world!


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