A diverse history and vibrant traditions are on full display across Albania’s Adriatic treasures.  Experience the rich religious and cultural heritage of one of Europe’s most overlooked treasures, Albania. From the country's expansive history, complete with a wide variety of Ottoman landmarks and archaeological sites, to natural wonders, you’ll find no shortage of sights to see throughout a tour of the Adriatic coast, still largely untouched by mass tourism. As you take in Albania’s classical monuments, you’ll also find a vibrant and unique modern culture thriving within its cities, with artistic expression taking centre stage. Keep an eye out for colourful murals lining the walls of communist-era landmarks as you wander the cities and enjoy the innovative galleries and installations that have sprouted from Enver Hoxha’s former ‘mushroom’ bunkers since the turn of the century.   Explore a city of contrasts in the beautiful capital, Tirana, where medieval landmarks meet busy modern thoroughfares. Krujër and Skhodër offer glimpses into the legendary history of Albania’s national hero, Skanderbeg, while coastal cities Vlorë and Sarandë promise breath-taking views of the Adriatic amongst their bustling beachfronts. Archaeological sites in UNESCO-listed Butrint and Apollonia sheds light on Albania’s colourful heritage with ruins once home to the ancient Greeks and the Roman empire. Stops in historic Gijirokastra and Berat, known as the ‘City of a Thousand Windows’, complete this tour and provide unique insight into native traditions and the vibrant multi-cultural heritage of this Adriatic gem. 


  • Discover the post-communist capital, Tirana, and its colourful past with a guided tour of its most historic landmarks
  • Experience the country’s creative flare with an optional visit to Bunk’art 2, one of over 750,000 mushroom-like bunkers which have since been repurposed as an art installation
  • Trace the Albanian Riviera to Durrës, ‘The Eternal City on the Adriatic’, and tour its well-preserved ancient ruins
  • Walk in the steps of Albania’s national hero with visits to the Skanderbeg Museum, Krujë castle and historic Shkodër
  • Immerse yourself in the diverse religious heritage with tours of Ardenica Monastery and Tirana’s grand Et’hel Bey Mosque
  • Visit the Albanian Riviera with a tour of Ali Pasha Castle, a fortress on the strait of Corfu, and the coastal resort of Sarandë
  • Explore authentic Albanian traditions with tours of coastal Vlorë and Berat, the ‘city of a thousand windows’
  • Take in untouched landscapes from Llogara National Park, encompassed by mountains and coastline, and the crystal-clear waters of the ‘Blue Eye’ - a 50-foot-deep natural spring
  • Glimpse into Albania’s ancient history with visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint and the Apollonia Archaeological Park
  • Get a taste of authentic Albanian life and participate in local traditions with excursions to the alpine towns of Gjirokastër and Berat


  • Seven nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation at hotels in Tirana (3 nights), Vlore (1), Saranda (1), Gjiirokaster (1) and Berat (1)
  • Seven breakfasts
  • Tours of Tirana and Durrës
  • Tour of Lezhë and Vlorë, including a visit to the Monastery of Adrenica
  • Drive along the Albanian Riviera with visits to Llogara National Park, Ali Pasha Castle and Sarandë
  • Tour of UNESCO-listed Butrint and Gjirokastër
  • Day trip to Berat and the Apollonia Archaeological Park with visit to the Onufri Museum
  • Return flights to Tirana
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel and transfers throughout
  • Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced tour manager