The York Dungeon

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BEWARE! The vengeful Vikings are about capture The York Dungeon as the newly revamped attraction stares bad luck in the face and re-opens on Friday 13th May. Bigger, bolder and more thrilling than ever, The York Dungeon will also be unveiling a brand new interactive show – Vengeance of the Vikings! You will find yourself in the heart of a Viking invasion, before experiencing a very close encounter with the hysterically horrible Viking soldier, Snore Short Sword.

Those brave enough to venture through The York Dungeon will come face to face with some of the city's most despicable rogues from Guy Fawkes to Dick Turpin, step into an appointment with the plague doctor and discover exactly why The Golden Fleece is York's most haunted pub...

Transport yourself back to the dark and grizzly history of the Roman city of York. Live actors, shows and interactive special effects ensure that you face your fears head on in this unique experience.

Everything that you see is based on real historical events from the Labyrinth of the Lost Roman Legion, to the chilling tale of highwayman Dick Turpin, torture and the plague. Step back in time into the depths of the York Dungeon for a thrilling and fun experience that will leave your family screaming for more! Are you brave enough?

New at the York Dungeon

  • It's been 300 years, Dick Turpin is back, and this time he wants more than just jewels. So if you feel the air around you throb with malevolence and evil, be on the lookout for ghostly highwaymen! If there's one thing you can be sure of at York Dungeon, ghosts are real and they're on the lookout for you!

Will You Survive the York Dungeon Experience?

  • If you survive all that, discover what they did to Guy Fawkes after his treacherous plot, and learn why the battles of Gorvik the Viking were so frenzied. Stretch more than your imagination with a little interactive torture, and don't be afraid as you stand before the jury in the Judgement of terrified!
  • All this and more await the innocent and foolhardy that take advantage of our special offer York Dungeon tickets. It's scary, it's fun and you'll love it!
  • All York Dungeon tickets are for a 60-90 minute tour, which includes all the shows, rides and various attractions on offer. Tours start every 7 minutes. Due to the set-up of the shows, when your tour is over you may not re-enter.
  • York Dungeons may not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.
  • Children under 5 may enter free, however be advised that the York Dungeon is not particularly suitable for young children.
  • There is good access for wheelchair users at York Dungeon.

Opening Times:

April 13th – July 24th - 10.30-4.30pm (excluding Whitsun)

May 23rd – May 31st - 10.00-5.00pm (Whitsun)

July 25th – Sept 6th - 10.00-5.00pm (Summer holidays)

Sept 7th – Oct 23rd - 10.30-4.00pm

Oct 24th – Nov 1st - 10.00-5.00pm (Halloween)

Nov 2nd – Dec 31st - 10.30-3.30pm

Ticket Information

Opening Dates: Daily year round excluding Christmas Day.

Opening Times: Generally 11AM-4PM however please check the attraction’s website for specific opening times.

Duration: The tours last approximately 75 minutes no matter what time you enter.

Address: The York Dungeon, 12 Clifford Street, York YO1 9RD. The York Dungeon is opposite the Grand Opera House, around the corner from Clifford's Tower. Directions: Railway station: 10 minutes’ walk from York station in Station Rd Buses: 5 minutes’ walk from Bus Station, Rougier St. Parking: Cars – St George’s Field & Castle Car Parks Coaches: Kent St, Union Terrace.

Additional Information: THIS TICKET IS FOR GENERAL ADMISSION. THERE MAY BE A QUEUE AT THE GENERAL ADMISSION ENTRANCE DURING BUSY PERIODS. Children (5-15 years) must be accompanied by an adult. The Dungeons are not suitable for people of a nervous disposition or very young children (entry is at the discretion of the parent/guardian).