Keeping your cool on a sunny summer break!

By Bradley Mayson-Cooper

Summer is roaring and temperatures are soaring! Whilst it’s great to take a break in the sun, you also need to take a break from the sun to beat the heat and keep yourself safe. Here are our top tips for keeping cool on your next summer holiday:

Eat More often! Bigger meals mean that more energy is needed to digest your food. Many people lose their appetite hot weather, this is the result of the body trying to regulate itself. You’ll be more comfortable adjusting to smaller meals on a regular basis.

Cool your veins – If the heat is getting to be a little too much, one of the fastest ways to cool your body down is a by running cold water on your wrists or one of your other pulse points for a few seconds. This cools the blood passing through and distributes the temperature change more quickly than other areas.

Spicy food?! At first thought, this may sound nonsensical, but eating spicy food increases circulation and causes perspiration, which then cools the body down. If you’re brave enough to take on the initial challenge then you’ll find yourself more comfortable a little ways down the road. Plus, in the right country it’s a perfect opportunity to experience a new local cuisine!

Do cold showers work? It seems like a great option, but it’s actually more beneficial to have a lukewarm shower to cool the body a naturally comfortable temperature, as a cold shock will make your body overproduce heat later on.

Air conditioning – again an obvious choice to keep yourself cool, but it’s never a bad idea to check ahead before you stay and ensure your accommodation has air conditioning! If you find yourself without and need to a quick cooldown, take a trip to the nearest supermarket or shopping plaza, as they’ll expertly cooled for your comfort!

Plan out your day – The tail ends of the day are the coolest times, and in many popular holiday destinations it’s unsafe to be exposed to the sun in the middle of the day. If you’re planning an excursion, book as early as possible to keep out of harm’s way when the sun is at it’s most powerful. Not to mention that there’s nothing wrong with a little siesta when you’re on holiday!

Hydration is the key – It’s an obvious point but certainly the most important: drink a lot of water! Hotter weather means quicker dehydration, so always keep a bottle on you at all times. As with your food, drink a little on a regular basis to keep your cool - doubly so if you decide to hit the alcoholic drinks before the sun goes down!