Top packing tips for your next holiday

Whether you’re packing for a quiet weekend in the countryside or a fortnight in paradise, here are our top tips to keep your packing panic-free!

Packing List

Making a list – Pre-packing prep should start with a list of everything you’ll need for your holiday. Don’t forget the essentials – Passport, Toothbrush, Suncream and power adapters!

Roll clothes

Roll it up –Roll your clothes to fill empty space and pack everything in place, reducing any impact on your case’s contents and avoiding potential disaster!

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing – Not only will this save on space as you can max out number of items in your suitcase, but if rolling your clothes first will stop any creases from forming before you arrive!

weighing luggage

Weigh your luggage – Always know your limits! Weighing each of your suitcases at home can stop an awkward re-packing incident at the airport, or extra fees for heavier luggage.

Featherweight champion – A hard-wearing hardshell suitcase may be a great idea to make sure your more fragile Items aren’t damaged, but it may be wiser to go with a more lightweight option, at least for a secondary bag if you’re not travelling alone. Larger suitcases can add as many as 5 Kilograms of weight before you’ve even started packing!

Funky suitcase

Stand out from the crowd –You’re waiting at baggage collection and your suitcase comes around the corner, only to be taken by someone else. You soon find it’s actually theirs and looks identical... There’s a big market for luggage tags to make your suitcase recognisable, but why not give it a full makeover with paint, ribbons or stickers? The wackier the better, and if the case goes missing it’ll be easier for workers to recall too!

Lost suitcase

Handy hand luggage – In the unfortunate event that your bag does go missing your can minimise the impact by packing all your valuables and a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage. Just be sure to check what is and isn’t allowed in your hand luggage beforehand!