Why travel is beneficial to your mental health…

Travelling presents an opportunity to disconnect from everyday stresses, and swap them for exhilarating adventures or much-needed relaxation. This positively improves our mental health and relationships as well as our productivity upon return. Here are 6 reasons why travelling is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body and soul…

Stress relief

Fulfilling our wanderlust with an indulgent escape is an obvious stress buster, but any kind of trip to get you out of the normal routine is widely acknowledged as essential to reduce burnout as it gives you the opportunity to forget about day to day worries and recharge by doing whatever makes you happy in the present.


Boosts happiness

The new experiences and excitement of exploring somewhere new, or beloved, boosts your mood and improves your mental wellbeing during the trip and long after you return. The anticipation of a holiday has also been proven to be excellent for motivation and optimism in the time leading up to it.

Feeling of independence

The satisfaction of successfully planning and completing a trip can leave you with a stronger sense of your own ability and independence. Getting out of your comfort zone also progresses your mental resilience by teaching flexibility and patience in an unfamiliar environment. If you struggle with the idea of travelling being a stressful occurrence, try short and well-planned trips to avoid any panicky situations.


Sense of perspective

Travelling to a new place is a fantastic way to improve gratitude in our own lives, which is hugely beneficial to our happiness and mental health. Try interacting with locals in different parts of the world and reflect on the variances between their lives and your life at home. This can help you to recognise how fortunate you are and increase compassion and empathy which are often traits of positive and content people.

Increases creativity

Immersing yourself in a new culture or location can grow your cognitive functioning, give you new views on aspects of your life such as cuisine or outlook, or just inspire you aesthetically with art and design. Longer trips can also increase your productivity and ability to problem solve which can always only be a bonus!  


Strengthens relationships

Everyone will know that once you take a trip with someone your bond is stronger than before you left. Experiencing the ups and down of travelling and participating in thrilling activities increases your connection. A holiday is a perfect excuse to spend quality time with family and loved ones which is one of the healthiest things you can do for your mental health. Also, meeting new people is often a lot easier when traveling as people are more open to interaction and in a more positive frame of mind.